Policy Documents

Please find below a detailed list of some of our policy documents or click here to open a document containing the policies. Should you require further information regarding these policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

·       Medication Policy

.       Administration of Medication Policy

·       Accident and Injury Policy

·       No Smoking Policy

.       Personal Hygiene Policy

·       Hand Washing Policy

·       Food Safety Policy

·       Sun Protection Policy

·       Toileting Policy

·       Equipment Policy

·       Security Policy

·       Fire Drills/Practice Fire Drills Policy

.       Impairment Fire Evacuation Policy

·       Health & Safety Policy

.       Healthy Workplace Policy

·       Risk Assessment Policy

·       Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy

·       Outings Policy

·       Photograph Policy

·       Lost Child Policy

·       Curriculum Policy

·       Inclusion Policy - Children with Additional Support Needs

·       Equality, Inclusion and Valuing Diversity Policy

·       Transition Policy

·       Behaviour Management Policy

·       Confidentiality Policy

.       Record Keeping Policy

·       Partnership with Parents Policy

·       Complaints Procedure

·       Settling in Policy

·       Fee Payment Policy - Terms and Conditions

·       Open Door Policy

·       Door Answering Policy

·       Collection of Children Policy

·       Mission Statement Policy

·       Staff to Child Ratio Policy

·       Recruitment/ Induction Policy

·       Conflict Resolution with Parents Who May Be Challenging

·       Whistle Blowing Policy

·       Key Person Policy

·       Staff Development and Training Policy

·       Students and Volunteers Policy Documentation Policy

.       Staff Vaccinations Policy